Giorgio & Yitka

An Evening of
Memories in Song

Take an historic Hamilton Mountain Theatre and make it new again by transforming it into a Live Event Theatre for concerts and shows and then turn the clock back on prices. See a live musical show for $5.00 and have some popcorn for 25 cents.

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

526 Concession St.,
Hamilton, ON L8V 1A6

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Giorgio was not always Giorgio. He was born George Longdo originally in Brockville, Ontario in the year 1957 to the proud parents of Frank and Rowena Longdo. Giorgio was the first born and his first words were ''my penn my mark". His mother realized he was going to be an artist of some kind during his life time. At the age of 26 he won the Mario Lanza scholarship in Philadelphia Pennsylvania for his outstanding performance of Adams Holy City which resulted in his name being changed from George to Giorgio encouraged by the Mario Lanza Institute personal and President hearing his voice during his audition. That scholarship resulted in more financial help to continue studying voice and music in Toronto, Ontario with far more commitment and dedication his calling as a singer. He first sang as a boy in Public School, Church, music festivals, special events in Chatham and Bathurst, New Brunswick. He even was asked to sing by the Mayor of Bathurst at the Great Danny Speed Bowl Race track for 10,000 air stream traveling Americans when they called him little Mario. His family not knowing who this Mario was till years latter when an Italian man named Johney Marciano, heard him sing for his family during a blustering winter storm said, " one day they will call you Canada's Mario Lanza."

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In 1984 he was given a chance meeting through a director of the Royal Conservatory choir to meet the marvelous Liberacie who offered him an opportunity to work with him in his Show. Giorgio will forever treasure meeting Liberacie and it encouraged him to sing over 10,000 performances through out Southern Ontario for seniors, television and some radio. He appeared on CBC television across Canada, on a Magazine program of great popularity titled''ON THE ROAD AGAIN.'' The broadcast was on three times coast to coast. Johney Oakley featured him as a special guest on his television program "Live on Life" which was broadcast across Canada on the Life Channel in the early 90,s. He has made over 35 recordings, 5 DVD's and continues to be well accepted for his artistic endeavors resulting in a broadcast of his Christmas Special on DVD by the CTS television network 2007.

Some of his CDs and DVD,s are now available on line at for your purchase to further enjoy his GOD given voice for your family and friends.